Triple sharing hostel room planning: railway college students protest

Students of the National Railway and Transport Institute (NRTI), Vadodara, which was recently renamed as Bharatiya Gatishakti Vishwavidyalaya Central University, staged a protest on Monday over the decision to convert hostel rooms into twin beds in triple occupancy.

Claiming that the institute was ill-equipped and lacked facilities, the students chanted slogans against the management and threatened to approach “higher authorities, including the Ministry”.

In a memorandum submitted to the Chancellor of the University, the students have demanded that the accommodation shared with twins not be changed.

“At the time of admission, it was mentioned that the rooms would be shared with two beds… Our guardians have paid the fees as per the notifications on the NRTI website… As per the last meeting with the vice-chancellor, ensured that the rooms would not be converted into triple accommodation,” the memorandum said.

Claiming that the rooms are not suitable for accommodating three or more members, the memorandum adds: “If implemented, it will create a great mess and congestion in the rooms and will directly or indirectly hinder our productivity… If these problems are not are resolved with immediate effect. , it may be necessary to approach higher authorities, including the Ministry.”

Kuldeep Rathore, a third-year student at the university, said, “The issue is not just about accommodation, but about privacy and the environment to study in. The rooms are extremely compact and barely fit two occupants. For some time the institute has increased the number of students and it forces triple occupancy…we are all preparing for exams which is impossible in a crowded hall.Also we have paid room fees shared doubles.”

Another student Ishit Agarwal said the students were threatened when they tried to raise the issue peacefully with the management. “They don’t have adequate classrooms… But they are increasing the number of students without increasing accommodation and classrooms… Fees are increasing by 10 percent every year, but the facilities are getting poorer and poorer” .

Vice Chancellor Anjali Goyal did not return calls and text messages seeking comment.

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