Two teachers from Punjab among 46 nominated for national awards

Two government school teachers from Punjab are among the 46 selected from across the country to be honored with national awards on September 5 (Teacher’s Day) at Vigyan Bhawan, Delhi.

According to the list of selected teachers released by the Union Ministry of Education, Punjab’s Arun Kumar Garg, principal of Government Model High School, Datewas in Mansa district, and Harpreet Singh, principal of Government Primary School, Bihla village in Barnala. held on September 5.

From making maths easier for kids during Covid through online conferencing, to putting in years of hard work to transform the dilapidated state of a primary school building in a backward village in Barnala, both teachers selected from the Punjab have more than 15 years of experience in the field.

A YouTube channel for maths during Covid

Arun Kumar Garg (39), headmaster of Government Model High School, Dateva in Mansa district, is a mathematics teacher. During Covid, he started a YouTube channel “Abhyaas by Arun sir” to provide free math lectures for students and solve their queries. The channel currently has over 11,000 subscribers.

Apart from YouTube, he also delivered 163 lectures on NCERT’s DD Punjabi, Swayam and e-Vidya channels during Covid to make mathematics easier for students. All its lectures are delivered in Punjabi for the convenience of rural students.

Apart from lectures, Garg has also developed several activity-based learning models—Roman Wheel for learning Roman numerals, VeDiMa for Vedic multiplication, 3D math—in his school premises to make math a fun subject for your students. “Maths now made easy with Arun” is the tagline of his YouTube channel on which he has uploaded more than 500 video lectures till date.

“My only motive is to ensure that students are not afraid of mathematics,” said Garg, who has a master’s degree in the subject and cleared the PPSC PES exam in November 2019, after which he be promoted as principal of his school.

Garg, who has already won a state award for teachers, is also the author of several PSEB and CBSE curriculum books. Under her new initiative, called Pehal, rural female students are encouraged and offered help to pursue science. Making students learn math formulas through poems, Garg had started teaching in December 2006 and currently teaches maths to classes 10 and 12.

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20 years of hard work to transform a village school

Twenty years after Harpreet Singh (43) joined as the principal of the government primary school in Barnala’s Bihla village, the school has witnessed an overhaul that makes it stand out. Once a picture of abandonment with a dilapidated building and parents thinking twice before admitting their wards to this government school, the institute of education is now a ‘smart school’, complete with a kindergarten section, probably giving the private schools in the area a run for their money.

The school now has 218 children and is equipped with lunch canteen, smart classrooms with LED projectors, e-library, smart language lab, educational park.

“I have done 20 years of hard work for this school. It is like my baby. When I joined here in 2002, it was nothing but a building in a pinch. We renovated the building initially with the help of NRIs , before coming forward with our own contributions from 2009 to 2013. Later, work began to build the infrastructure and introduce learning aids along the lines of private schools,” said Harpreet Singh. “Ours was the first government school to have a smart play area for kindergarten (pre-school) children,” he said.

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