Uttarakhand Government Medical College Makes Psychological Assessment Compulsory For Admission

Psychological assessment has been made mandatory by Government Medical College, Haldwani, Uttarakhand during the admission process this year.

Earlier, only general health tests were conducted for admission to MBBS and MD-MS courses in the university.

The general health test included nose-ear-throat (ENT), ophthalmology, medical radiology and pathology examination of all candidates. The candidates also had to go through a gynecological examination.

However, this year, psychological assessment of candidates has been made mandatory for admission to medical schools.

Alok Upreti, Public Relations Officer, Government Medical College, Dehradun, said that with the help of a psychological test, the behavior, personality and work capacity of the students will be estimated.

He said, “The purpose of this test is to provide timely treatment to students suffering from depression or any other mental problem so that their studies are not affected in any way.” According to the sources, three to four such students have been admitted every year in Haldwani Government Medical College suffering from some kind of mental health problem.

Due to this, these students are unable to complete the syllabus on time and some of them take five to six years to complete their MBBS studies, they said.

Many students also suffer from mental health problems due to the tendency to use drugs.

Haldwani Medical College has a total of 100 seats for MBBS and MD-MS courses, for which the admission process is underway. There are four government and three private medical schools in Uttarakhand.

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