What is the best course for you after passing class 12? Here is an answer

As the class 12 exam results are announced and the entrance exams are over, the dilemma of ‘what next?’ pursues students. Which course to follow or which subject to choose are some of the questions that students inevitably face after completing higher secondary education. To be realistic, these are common questions among most students, and this article will get you one step closer to making the right decision.

Need for career counseling and guidance after class 12

Identifying and analyzing your interests and skills and identifying a suitable course base can be a daunting task. In this case, proper career guidance from industry experts or professionals can help you make an informed choice.

Indian Express Professional Advice allows you to interact with industry leaders and certified advisors who will guide you in making the right decisions for your career. Our associate counselors will use the latest career development tools to help students find their best career options.

During the counseling session, psychometric tests will be used that will measure your cognitive ability, behavioral approach and general personality to indicate which profession suits you best.

How to make the right career decision

It is essential to understand the contrast between choosing a course and making career decisions. The first step is to decide on a career and then select a course. When selecting a course, evaluate its pros and cons, scope, and monetization potential. On the other hand, career decision making is the process of evaluating yourself to determine what type of course is most appropriate. Always remember that it’s about you, not the course.

There are four steps to making career decisions.

Self evaluation

To gain insight into your specialized and adaptable talents, first examine your interests, goals, and personality. Assess how regional interests, an organization’s culture, or work-life balance may influence your research.

Discover and explore

Engineers, doctors, and lawyers are good examples of well-known careers, but there are many more that are being developed as industries grow. Explore a variety of career alternatives and don’t limit yourself to the jobs you already know.

Rate your choice

Once you’ve found a course that’s right for you, it’s critical to evaluate it thoroughly, either online or with industry professionals. You can also seek the help of expert career advisors to make your work easier.

Take the initiative

You are now in the final stages of registration or preparing to enroll in your desired course. There is no turning back from here unless you have carefully followed the previous three stages. Internships, part-time work, and free online courses are options for gaining experience or familiarity with a subject before committing to it as a full-time career. Whatever you do, this is the point where you have to take the initiative.

List of courses after class 12

In the case of courses after class 12, there is an endless list that you can choose from. Whether you are from Science, Commerce or even Arts, you will have a range of options from which to decide your career path.

Career options after class 12 Science

If you have completed your class 12 in science, there are several career options available to you. While these ranges are reflected in engineering and medical programs, with the growing need for new technologies, universities offer several unique specializations from which applicants can choose and forge their careers. Some of these options include:

Courses after 12th PCM

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Some popular emerging career options in engineering

Some popular emerging careers in medicine

Career options after class 12 commerce

There is a huge scope for commerce students after 12th. If you have passed class 12 commerce, you have a variety of courses to choose from.

Some popular emerging career options in commerce

Career options after 12th Arts

There was a perception among students that arts streams do not offer many options, so they tended to avoid them. However, this is not the case now as you have many options available along with government jobs. Students can pursue a career in a variety of fields; all they need are the necessary skills.

Some popular emerging career options in the arts

It is important to note that there are no hard and fast rules for some courses. You can take these courses regardless of the major you followed in class 12. Courses like BA LLB, for example, can be taken by any student from any discipline. Similarly, you can pursue most emerging career options regardless of the subjects you studied in 12th grade.

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