With 2,184 candidates making it to IITs, Rajasthan tops the state list for JEE-Advanced success rate

Continuing with the trend of recent years, Rajasthan has once again topped the state break of students bagging seats in all IITs across the country with a success rate of 15 percent. A total of 2,184 candidates out of 13,801 who appeared for Rajasthan’s JEE-Advanced got into the IITs this year.

The Joint Seat Allocation Authority (JoSAA) JEE-2022 counseling process was concluded last month by IIT Bombay, which was the organizing institution this year. Professor Subhasis Chaudhury, Director, IIT Bombay, shared the success rate of candidates from each state and Union Territory in JEE-Advanced on his social media account.

In terms of the absolute number of candidates who have been allotted seats in the 23 IITs in India, Rajasthan has the highest. Chandigarh has also recorded a success rate of 15 per cent with 120 out of 765 candidates making it to the IITs. Uttar Pradesh is second only to Rajasthan in terms of the number of candidates taking up an IIT seat with 2,131 students. Maharashtra, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh follow in the same order with 1,747, 1,644, 1,428 and 1,038 candidates respectively.

In terms of the number of students appearing for this national level entrance exam for admission to the prestigious IITs, Uttar Pradesh tops the list with 22807 candidates.

IIT Admissions, JEE Advanced Admissions, IIT JEE Advanced Admissions Rajasthan has topped the state list for IIT admissions this year and has a success rate of 15%. (Graphics by Abhishek Mitra)

“The highest number of candidates from Rajasthan bagging IIT seats hints at the huge JEE coaching industry in Kota. The coaching class culture that helps candidates qualify for JEE-Advanced is also reflected in a number of other important states as most of these states have a large presence of coaching institutes, though not as concentrated as Kota,” shared an IIT Bombay professor.

However, Chaudhury said it will be very difficult to generalize as the average score shows similar performance of students in most major states. “The data presented shows an average success rate of 8 to 10 percent for most states. And this is the takeaway from the data: Most states have been able to provide a good type of educational training for aspiring IITians,” he added.

Chaudhury explained, β€œIn a presentation of statistical data, outliers such as Kota, Vijaywada or any other state that has a coaching industry should be kept aside as without that they all have a similar success average . More data will be needed to conclusively state that the coaching industry in Kota plays a significant role in this outcome.”

The data shared by the director of IIT Bombay shows that as many as 159713 students from all over India had registered for JEE-Advanced 2022 and 16614 of them have been allotted seats in IITs. As many as 272 foreigners had registered for the exam, of which 21 have been allocated places.

The Indian Express had earlier reported that 16,635 seats have been allotted in all 23 IITs after six rounds of the JoSAA counseling process this year. Although there are minor vacancies in the smaller IITs, a cumulative seat allotment statistic shows that the number of seats allotted is more than the declared seat capacity at the start of admission.

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